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The Zodiac Suite by Mary Lou Williams

Ryan Banagale on a recent arrangement and performance of Mary Lou Williams’ Zodiac Suite.

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Guest Post by Matthew Mugmon: Learning to decipher archival documents, one letter (or number) at a time

Matthew Mugmon deciphers a cryptic message from the archives at the Bibliothèque national and possibly alters our reception of Mahler’s music and its legacy in the process.

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Guest Post by Zoe Lang: Today’s Musicological Toolbox

Guest-poster Zoe Lang chimes in on the recent AMS-listserv paleography discussion and considers how we might revise our musicological toolbox for the betterment of interdisciplinary dialogue.

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Benjamin Albritton’s Guest Blog: Six Fish, A Falcon, A Wounded Washerwoman, and The Dissertation Blues

Benjamin Albritton sits in the rare books room in a cold library in England. It is 3:05 pm. It’s gray out, kind of rainy, his socks are wet, and he has just been shocked out of his late-dissertation torpor by a fact that seems to make his current chapter fall into place: the king of France, in 1359, has just bought six fish from Lady Pembroke.

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You Shall Know the Tooth and The Tooth Shall Set You Free

Ryan Raul Bañagale shares an interesting archival find and highlights two early literary associates of Nicolas Slonimsky. Find out why a tooth is worth a thousand words…

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