The Video that is not Little Richard as a Child Performer, or, How to Unfail Musicology One Post at a Time

Ryan Raul Bañagale responds to an intriguing email he received and current AMS discussions about the “failure” of musicology.


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Acknowledgements That Didn’t Make It Into The Dissertation

Ryan Raul Banagale thanks a few people/places/things that he didn’t in the acknowledgements section of his completed dissertation.

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Dr. Bañagale!

Amusicology is proud to announce that it now has a 100% Ph.D.-vetted editorial board! I think I speak for the whole amusicology community when I extend my congratulations to my friend and colleague, the inimitable Ryan Raul Bañagale, for receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard today.

Ryan’s dissertation is awesome. I can say that because I have actually read the whole thing! It raises issues of highbrow-vs-lowbrow, anxieties of influence, and canon formation in the larger orbit of Rhapsody in Blue. Also, it has some dazzlingly multicolored charts, so you shouldn’t settle for the monochromatic version you can download from UMI.

Ryan’s graduation also marks the beginning of national hegemony for Amusicology, as he prepares to move out to Colorado in the fall. This makes me sad, since amusicology planning meetings will now have to take place over skype, but happy to have offices in multiple time zones.

Hats Off!

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The Zodiac Suite by Mary Lou Williams

Ryan Banagale on a recent arrangement and performance of Mary Lou Williams’ Zodiac Suite.

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Porgy and Bess and Itzhak Perlman @ Tanglewood

Ryan Raul Banagale gets all excited about a musical mash-up that will probably never happen (again).

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AMS Indianapolis 2010 in the Cloud

Drew takes a moment to proselytize about cloud computing.

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AMS Preview – Part II (Ryan’s Turn)

Ryan’s plan of attack at AMS, just in case anyone cares!

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