AMS 2009 Preview

November 12, 2009 at 9:05 am

As I sit in the country’s first LEED-certified Airport terminal, (with free WiFi by our benevolent sponsor, Google), I though I would give a quick rundown of some events that come highly recommended at the Philadelphia Conference:

1. The Amusicology Party! (in case you haven’t heard already)

2. The McClary/Del Tredici Interview Friday Night, part of the LGBTQ Study Group. If you really like it, I think that J & J Lubrano is brokering the sale of Del Tredici’s manuscripts, for the truly enterprising collector.

3.  Sundry Harvard grad students presenting papers: Evan MacCarthy, Ali Monchick, John McKay. Sorry if I’m forgetting anyone.

4. Seda’s Concert! See previous post.

5. Finally, Phil Gentry has an excellent post that gives a not-for-tourists flyover of logistics at the conference.

Safe Travels! Your faithful correspondents will be back once they are on the ground in the city of brotherly love.

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Seda Roeder Concert at AMS AMS 2009 – Day #1


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