Society for American Music Annual Meeting 2009 – Day 3

March 20, 2009 at 8:53 pm

Got up bright and early to catch an early bus into town from our awesome friends’ house about 2 miles from the conference hotel.  I love the crisp Colorado mountain air almost as much as the fact that I can be outside without a winter jacket.  Breakfast with my former University of Washington advisor, Larry Star, to talk about life and all things Gershwin.  Watch out for his forthcoming book on Gershwin’s musicals…it sounds like quite the academic treat.

First paper of the day: Victoria Lavine (an undergraduate professor of mine and the woman who introduced me to the wonderful world of ethnomusicology) tracing the distribution of cerimonial music amongst Woodland Musical Communites.  Historically oriented ethno.  Cool stuff!

Second paper:  Last summer I was doing some work in the New York Philharmonic Archive and ran into Bethany Goldberg, whom had just discovered  a box office recipt book from the Academy of Music in NY.  She didn’t know exactly what treasures it contained, but knew it held something exciting.  Now she knows.  And it was a heck of a dynamic presentation for all those in attendence.

Third paper:   Drew Massey covered himself in glory.  Ruggles and Resonances.  There is not a whole lot more to say, other than his oratory skills are as finely honed as his Sibelius skills (seriously, have you ever seen such a handout?!?).  He makes this blog proud.

Meeting with Leta Miller re: a forthcoming book review.   I’ve had her as an editor on two separate publications now and I will be forever greatful.

Fourth paper: I love papers about sheet music.  Especially when they talk about Asian representation.  Even more so when they are about perceptions of Filipinos.  OK, I’ve only seen one such paper and it was this one by Professor Christi-Anne Castro.  She examined musical perceptions of Filipinos during/after the the Philippine-American War (1899-1902), a significant  and very under-considered aspect of our nation’s history.

Fifth paper:  William Bares in the house.  Photo-negatives, cowboys, and Berlin’s Jazz Frontier.  The fourth and final of the Harvard presenters.  Super interesting topic and the best use of PowerPoint I’ve seen in a long time.  Well done,

After five papers, I called it a day.  Which isn’t as lazy as it sounds since SAM gives everyone Friday afternoon off–an oh so sensible decision that more conferences should follow.   More outside time with old friends and new.  Can’t wait for tomorrow!

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