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5.30: Meeting with Rich Crawford. Strangely quiet in the hotel in retrospect. Pick his brains about Ross Lee Finney, and am encouraged to hear that some things that I suspect to be the case about RLF are in fact true.

Evening – Dinner with friends. Two successful meetings on one day!


1pm: Lunch with David Nichols at a Mexican restaurant on Commerce St. Compare notes on Ruggles, and Prof. Nichols generously shares some Kirkpatrick correspondence that he has. One of the nice things about working on the recent past is being able to talk to people who actually knew JK!

3pm: Buy cowboy boots, which provides no end of entertainment for myself and others. Later, on Wednesday after I return, I struggle mightily to ride my bike in them. More on that later. Gabe gets fancy red and brown ones with a Nike sole, I settle on classic black ostrich.

5.30pm: No-host reception. THERE ARE SO MANY PEOPLE HERE. I end up crowd-surfing my way to and from the bar, and discussing whether Yuengling Beer is Dutch or simply misspelled German.

8-11: Missed Emily’s cold war panel (sorry!!!!!!) and go to the publishing panel, where I pull up a cozy patch of floor. Book publishing presentations are really interesting, I hope that assembling a proposal for a book is a more sanitary process than writing a dissertation prospectus – but will have to wait a few years to know about that for sure. Kate van Orden’s talk about publishing in JAMS is pretty interesting – Ryan covered most of the highlights. Perhaps surprisingly, the Q & A with her focuses on incorporating analytical articles in JAMS, presumably prompted since this is a joint meeting with SMT (I couldn’t see who was asking the questions from my position on the floor).


11.15am: Alex Rehding’s talk on Beethoven, Riemann and Tonality. Full house. He and I later commiserate about the strange set up for the conference rooms, where the projectors and pianos are too far away from the podium to be ideal.

2.30pm: Jeff Magee’s paper on Annie Get your Gun.

3.15pm: Catch Heather Hadlock’s paper on Poppea and castrati. Another full house. See Hillary Porris & Mauro Calcagno, both of whom I haven’t seen since the summer. Hi Hillary! Hi Mauro!

Evening: Parties. Talk with Matthias and Anne Shreffler at the Harvard Party. Good to see Anna Zayaruznaya, too!


9.45am: Annegret Fauser’s paper on the OWI. I am terribly impressed by her ability to find such a great way to cut in to such a complicated topic. Afterwards, I daydream about my Archibald MacLeish project, which is on the back burner, and wonder if I will ever get back to it.

11am: Meeting with Eleanor Selfridge-Field, who works at CCRAH over at Stanford. Gives me lots of advice about Inventoriana, for which I am in her debt.

2pm: My paper session starts in a very hot room with anxiety-inducing technology issues. I am the only one on the docket whose name is not Christina.  Things go off pretty well, lively discussion afterwards, get a chance to catch up with Peter Schimpf, who was my TA at Indiana in Western music survey.

5.30pm: Business meeting. Somehow the slides keep revealing the winners of the awards before they are announced, but it is nice to see who is active in the discipline, and what they are working on. Ryan gets mad props for winning the Howard Mayer Brown Fellowship!!!!!

8pm: In a group of six, including a senior scholar who shall remain nameless, try desperately to find something good for dinner. The Standard, a fine southern restaurant is full, and we can’t bite the bullet for the $50 steaks at the Capitol Grille. Take a wrong turn and end up on a street where the following sandwich board is splayed out:


Squirm uncomfortably, run away, end up at the Old Spaghetti Factory, which is filling but not quite satisfying. Make mental note to simply wait until the Princeton party to eat next year if in a similar situation.


7.30 am: Breakfast with Peter Burkholder.

3.30pm: on flight with many Harvard students. Gabe & I splurge and pay the extra $20 for an exit row. Worth it on the first flight; benefit for the second one less obvious.

10pm: Arrive home, say hello to the in-laws who are visiting, collapse in to bed. Next year, promise to blog live!

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  • 1. Christina Linklater  |  December 5, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    “I am the only one on the docket whose name is not Christina.”

    Your paper rocked! Bonus points for successfully answering Taruskin(a).

    There Were Also Christinas in the Audience


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