Ryan and Drew Reevaluate/Reemerge

November 11, 2008 at 8:22 pm

Embracing the national mandate for Change, we, the editors of Amusicology.com have assessed our efforts as of late (minimal) and our excuses for said efforts (maximal).  As originally conceived, our blog was to be a sort of clearing house for short musicological explorations of various one-off topics—1000 words or less.  Staring down the double barrel of a shotgun named dissertation, we have, understandably, been putting all recent writing efforts into completing our PhDs.  We are certainly not alone, as many other graduate student-run blogs have slowed or turned into a space to talk about their dissertation work.  And while venting and test-writing one’s thesis in such a format is a valuable exercise (we both have our own dissertation-blogs, no they aren’t public), this is the last thing we want amusicology to turn into.

We’re taking a new angle on our 1000 words or less mantra.  Namely, we’re going to emphasize the “less.”  Not that our content will necessarily be of less import or interest, but that our posts will be shorter.  This, hopefully, will allow us to continue raising musicological points of interest without allowing them to bog us down/inhibit our productivity.

Thank you for your continued interest and stay tuned…content is on its way!

-ryan and drew-

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